April 13th, 2008


Using PackageKit in GNOME programs

Do you develop a GNOME program and want to install extra stuff for your application? Want me to write you some code for your application to make it "just work"?

Ideas I can think of:

• Installing extensions in epiphany
• Installing debuginfos in the GNOME crasher thing
• Installing language packs in abiword
• Installing clipart for scribus
• Installing -devel packages in anjuta for the autocompletion
• Making GIMP install it's own plugins when an obscure file format is opened

Any other suggestions welcome. Please email me if you want some help. You can install a package based on the package name, or just by specifying a file that the package provides. All the yucky stuff like licence agreements and GPG auth is handled in libpackagekit-gnome.

You'll need to be running Fedora 9 prerelease if you want precompiled rpm's that work. I'll make the code a configure option (--enable-packagekit) so it won't be a hard dep. Any takers?