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PackageKit Transaction Viewer - Technical Blog of Richard Hughes

Richard Hughes
Date: 2007-10-07 17:55
Subject: PackageKit Transaction Viewer
Security: Public
The transaction viewer application allows the user to see what was done, and when. It also allows the user (power user?) to rollback to previous checkpoints if the backend allows this and the admin has granted permissions.

The transaction viewer. Yet another tool...

It's a pretty trivial application. Notice the use of mail-send-receive to denote downloading a package. That makes me feel dirty inside. There's a whole load of icons that need drawing, such as:
  • package-install
  • package-download
  • package-update
  • package-remove
  • transaction-suceeded
  • transaction-failed
  • software-update-low (software-update-available and software-update-urgent already exist)
If you want to volunteer for this (or know of suitable icons) then please yell. They have to be Tango style, and available in 22x22 png and svg file formats. Thanks.
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