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Multiple battery devices - Technical Blog of Richard Hughes

Richard Hughes
Date: 2007-03-13 14:21
Subject: Multiple battery devices
Security: Public
GNOME Power Manager supports merging multiple laptop batteries into one virtual battery for the time remaining calculation and also the status area icon. Unfortunately my new statistical driven approach breaks with primary batteries being removed and inserted, as we'll need some sort of profiles for "one battery" or "one battery plus extra battery" just to make the new code work. Unfortunately, my Lenovo only has the one battery, with no option to extend it.

Now, long shot: Does anybody have an old laptop that they do not want that they could send to me? It would need to have two batteries expressed in ACPI (with at least 10 minutes of charge in both), with the ability to remove one at run-time. It doesn't matter if the machine is 400MHz with a smashed screen, any old test machine would be great.

If I get my hands on a multi-battery laptop, then the new profile code work will work really well with two batteries. Sorry if this sounds cheeky, but it's really hard to code for a situation you can't test for.
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User: ext_27331
Date: 2007-03-13 15:14 (UTC)
Subject: Can't ship you one but..
I think you do great and important work so I'd love to help out but I don't have a laptop I can send you however I will offer to chip in to buy you one. I'm sure we can find one on ebay.co.uk that fits the requirements.
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2007-03-13 15:50 (UTC)
Subject: I might be able to help
I'm up the road from you near Fleet and may be able to source an old one from work - drop me a mail: jon_cooperuk(a)hotmail.com
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2007-03-13 18:00 (UTC)
Subject: Account on a remote machine
I guess if everything else fails, you could get away with an account on someones else's machine, right? Unfortunately, I myself can't offer a suitable laptop for that.
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2007-03-13 20:26 (UTC)
Subject: multi-battery laptop
My houemate has a newer Dell with two batteries. He certainly can't ship it to you, but I'm sure he'd be happy to help test code. I also have an older Thinkpad with a semi-broken keyboard that I would be willing to ship you. It does not currently have a second battery, but I believe does have support that. If either of these might prove useful, email me at qhartman_at_gmail_dot_com.
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User: ext_36781
Date: 2007-03-13 20:54 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
‘Unfortunately, my Lenovo only has the one battery, with no option to extend it’ – I’m not sure which model you’re using, but are you sure you can’t get any battery that attaches instead of the docking bay, like the Extended Life ones? http://shop.lenovo.com/SEUILibrary/controller/catalog.workflow:item.detail?GroupID=38&Code=40Y7005
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Richard Hughes
User: hughsient
Date: 2007-03-13 21:22 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
No, I've checked. I don't have an expensive X60, I've got a cheap-as-chips N100. :-(
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